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Joyce and Steve Hydroseeding
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Phone (508) 995-5048
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Evangelho Landscaping offers the FINN T90 which is the ultimate Hydroseeding tool on the maket.

With the ultimate 900 gallon working tank capacity that cover 12,000 square feet per tank we can tackle any seeding projects that you may have.

How does it work? When is it used? What are the advantages?

The hydroseeding process starts by mixing consumable products to include: wood/paper fiber mulch, grass seed, fertilizer, lime and binding agents, with water, in the tank of your Hydroseeder. Once the mixture is fully blended it is then sprayed out onto the ground. The sprayed mixture on the ground is referred to as a blanket or mat. The material in the mat enhances the seed germinating process and will stimulate the seeds to grow a healthy & deep root system.
Hydroseeding is used to economically seed large areas of ground requiring stabilization or lawn. The grass planting process is fast, economical and efficient and is used for a wide variety of applications from slope stabilization, landfill closures, lawn establishment, mine reclamation, sports fields, parks, cemeteries to highway construction. Depending on watering/rain events and ground temperature, a properly hydroseeded area will typically show results in as little as three days and can be fully established in three to four weeks.

Hydroseeded ground starts growing grass from the root first, allowing the root system to reach deep into the ground where moisture is at its greatest, making a very drought-tolerant lawn. Comparatively, sod that is already established is forced to grow leaf stock while trying to establish a root system, making a solid sodden yard very weak in drought type conditions. A conventional dry seeded yard will have considerably less grass growth than a hydroseeded yard, of course, because hydroseeding provides a moisture retaining mulch that allows the undisturbed seed to germinate and root quickly.

The First 21 Days are Important!

Keep the lawn moist at all times, preferably by frequent, light sprinklings. (Remember, the wood mulch will help to retain much of this water). Avoid water pooling and complete drying out of the hydro-mulch. On very hot, breezy days it may be necessary to lightly water 2-3 times per day. If germinating seedlings dry out they will die! If you don't have a timed watering system then soak your lawn for 30 minutes or until run-off is detected. Do this in the early morning before work and in the evening after the sun goes down. ASK ABOUT OUR POLYMER GEL ADDITIVE - YOU'LL WATER LESS!!

Establishment Time

Under proper growing conditions you should begin to see grass growth in 1-2 weeks with full development in a couple of months. (*depending on grass type / seed choice). Depending on planting time, available moisture, and weed control, full establishment time may take more than one growing season. Proper care will greatly influence the establishment time and success.
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